Santa Fe's Most Eclectic and Fun Shopping Experience!

Fun Location!

Fun Atmosphere!

Fun Food!

Whether it's our great vendors or the live musicians who perform, the Santa Fe Flea Market is the place for great meet-ups, laughs and toe-tapping to a global beat. 

It doesn't matter whether you're full-out hungry or just want to discover and take home great nibbles, we're the perfect location for hanging with friends while letting your taste buds explore what they will... 

Choose from a variety of food - from baked goods and iced cream to paninis and hot dogs - and we're pleased to announce the addition of Jalapenos (the restaurant, not the pepper!) to our collection of great food vendors.  Fresh grilled meats and veggies, street tacos, quesadillas and frescas.

T.he fabulous...

Santa Fe Flea Market!

Open skies, clean air and lots of room sum up our new location at the old Santa Fe Greenhouses.  We're at 2904 Rufina Street (and within walking distance of Meow Wolf!) and there's plenty of FREE parking!

A beautiful and inspiring way to spend a morning or afternoon on the weekends...

Visit more than 45 vendors as you meander under trees and see products and "finds" from more than 30 countries...

Saturdays and Sundays 8-3.

Free Admission!

Free Parking!